It is so freaking werid to think that it is almost the end of 2018. MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR ALL THE DAYS I GOT ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING DONE……… okay. On a more serious note, I am doing a 12-day giveaway on my Instagram (@raylee1299) to give back to the people that have supported me and encouraged me throughout the year. Today I am teaming up with Laura Baker. She is a super inspiring and creative photographer who offered to giveaway a free mini-photoshoot.

Pictures have done a lot for me this year. I made a goal at the beginning of the year to try and document my life more. I took more pictures and tried my best (lol key word best) to keep a consistent journal. I thought I would share some of my favorite memories of 2018 told by pictures:

F E B R U A R Y:

February 3.JPG

  • We went hiking in Sedona for Cody’s Birthday. It was so cold and my fingers turned blue. We broke ice rocks with big sticks and then me and Cody PASSED out in the back seat the whole way home. hahaha (lol dramamine)

February 22

  • I got a new phone case. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding.  I started my weight loss journey with Northington Fitness and Nutrition. I specificially started training for a bikni competition. You can see how happy I am about that by the look on my face. I am so glad I have this picture. I wanted to learn about food, was my goal. A few weeks ago I quit. I decided it wasnt my path anymore.

M A R C H:

March 4

  • Me and Cody went to FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN and volunteered. I absolutley loved serving people with him. It made my heart full. I went for my school but we loved it so much we went back again the following week with his family.

March 25

  • At the end of march me and Cody did a 5k/ rave called Nation Night Run. That day was also the Annual Poolee Function for the Marines. So he was running and working out and sprinting all day. When that was over we drove to chipolte and stuffed our faces, drove to the event and had a HUGE shaved ice bowl. THEN we ran hahahah and I had to stop becasue I was going to throw up ahahah it was so embarassing. After that they had a dance party at the finish line and I seriously danced so much i was more sweaty from that than the actual run hahaha. Weak.

A P R I L:

April 20

  • I got my hair done by Brooke Murphy in Mesa, Arizona (@shearstylesbybrooke). I was going to six flags the following day and I WAS SO EXCITED BECAUSE IT WAS THE FIRST TIME MY HAIR EVER LOOKED THIS GOOD. I WAS SO LIT.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

  • We finally made it to California in this picture. It was our first vacation with my family and we had so much fun. The day after this picture was taken we went to six flags and when we got in the gates, we didnt want to wait for our family hahahaha so WE FULL ON SPRINTED TO VIPER (a ride at six flags) and we rode it like 3 times and then we just kept riding a bunch of rides for hours. Eventually we met up with my family and we went on a water ride and got soaked hahah. good times. (btw i get so car sick so i have a love hate relationship with rollercoasters. Quite interesting.)

M A Y:

May 19

  • Me and Cody love soccer (okay, okay, cody loves soccer and i love him… dont judge). So for his senior prom, instead of going… we ditched and went to the Phoenix Rising Game in Arizona. hahaha the day before we made a poster that said “ditched my senior prom for this” and @phxrising put us on their offical instagram. So, yea, pretty much famous.

May 29

  • Can. WE. TAKEEEE. A. MOMENNTTTTTTT. This picture is precious. I can hard core relate to this picture. Why? Well, for one reason it reminds me of how far we have come as people and as a couple and how i am ENDLESSLY proud of him. Also, I feel like the little boy (my nephew.. he so cute) on the left when cody holds my hand and I feel like the baby on the right (also my precious nephew) when cody looks at me. Same guys, same.

J U N E :

June 6

  • This picture is so funny for so many reasons. The first of which is that a similar picture was taken on the same day in 2017 when we were just friends. We went to SunSplash in Arizona with me, Cody, Jake (Cody’s brother), Alicia (Cody’s sister) and Lucas (Jake’s friend). We had so much fun all day and then we got super hungry and we wanted to go to I Hop. On the way to I hop we got in a car crash that was SO freaking scary and the first thing I did was laugh. Such a good memory. The best part is that Cody is the best driver ever.. and I could use a little practice, to say the least. AND GUESS WHO CRASHED THE CAR THAT DAY HAHAHAH CODY. so i’m the best driver now. Feels great.

JUne 22

  • Me and Cody’s one year anniversary and It was also the first day after the crash that I saw him because he was grounded. We spent the whole day together and he took me around the town and had this whole elaborate plan to show me that he loved me and I felt like such a princess. I love him.

J U L Y:

JUly 2.JPG

  • I went on my first plane ride this year to Montana. That was a crazy trip and I am so grateful for everything. The night before and the morning of the plane ride, I was in the delivery room is Cody’s sister Savannah and I was so blessed to witness the birth of her third baby. I went straight to the airport at 3:45 in the morning and literally got no sleep. I loved montana. I think I really found myself there. I realized what is really important to me and how much I enjoy nature and life itself. How much I love people and helping others. It drove me into my healing arts degree (Holsitic Nutrtion Wellness Practitioning).

July 11.JPG

  • I didnt get to meet baby Miles because I had to catch a plane so I got to meet him after I got back from Montana and we were matching. I loved it. Newborns are so freaking small. their legs look like soft pretzels. Am I right? no? just me? okay.


A U G U S T:

August 5.JPG

  • My best friend left for Marine bootcamp in August and that meant I wouldnt get to see him or talk to him, with the exception of letters, until the beginning of November. I had 2 colleges and a full time job and I was seriosuly gunna miss him. I am glad he left because it caused me to learn alot about myself and it really strenthened our reltationship.

August 11.PNG

  • I was so freaking sad in this picture. In the moment, I felt just like tired, but looking back I was totally lonley and depressed. Cody’s sisters took me to a movie and I will always remember how much they were there for me and Its somthing so sweet to me. I love that.

S E P T E M B E R:

September 5.JPG

  • Started personal training. Started a different lifestyle with food and I was crushing my self improvment. I wanted to use the time that Cody was away to be constantly working on myself and It felt so freeing and good. I also offically Started SWIHA ( Southwest Institute of Healing Arts)

N O V E M B E R:

OCtober 20.JPG

  • So my little brother is actually, i guess, a football star haha. He is super popular, but i never pay attention. My job as a sister is to constantly tell him im better than him, so that the popularity and his incredible talent doesnt get to his head haha ( brock, your adopted hahahha jk jk ). Anyways, I loved going to his football games and sitting next to my grandma and all my cosuins. He has like a really big support system. I guess I do too!

N O V E M B E R:

Novmeber 1 .Novemeber 1 a

Novmeber 1.PNG

Novmeber 2

  • I saw Cody and talked to him for the first time in months. We were so happy. The next few days were the best day of my entire life. I was so nervous to see him that I kept saying ” i’m nervous” literally ALL DAY. I loved everything about these memories. Like looking into his eyes after all the hard things you went through and just saying like “I love you. we did it” It is magical. Military life can be so hard but it is so worth it. He changed so much and he was such a man and way more mature and I loved it. ugh yes. kill me.

November 3-11.PNG

  • After, he came home from his graduation he had ten days to hang out with me. We went to the zoo and we got breakfast and we seriously couldnt’ stop laughing and saying I love you. We would stare into each others eyes for hours ahahha. The best. literally. ever.

November 12 a

There are so many more memories I could have included. Going through my camera roll I realized that I only took a lot of pictures when I was happy or “looked good”. I never once took a picture after my first anxiety attack, when my best friends dad died, when I cried myself to sleep from feeling so lonely and lovesick. I never took a picture of my when I became so controlling about my body it consumed me as I crawled out of food addictions and eating disorders and into intuitive eating.
I have an amazing life. I have people that love me, I have a healthy body and the ability to learn. I have constant access to clean food and water. However, I feel that the one thing that makes me who I am and makes me as amazing as I feel I have become, is the constant challenges and the constant heartache I have endured the past year. Although, I didn’t get all those memories on camera, my goal this next year is to take a picture of where I am in the moment and not just when I feel it is “perfect”. Every moment you are alive is a good moment. I challenge you all to do the same. Take a picture and enjoy whatever stage of life you are currently in. Save it to your camera roll.


Love and light,

I N S T A G R A M: @raylee1299






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