Rule #1 to not sucking in life: MAKE GOALS AND CRUSH THEM

How come in high school they never properly teach you goal setting? I feel like it would be so beneficial to learn how to set accurate goals and be able to work towards them. Then again, the kids I went to high school with probably would be on their phones the whole lesson anyways #noshade. I would have listened. Anyways, I have learned over time how much goals and goal setting can really help with personal development. It can help you blossom and transform you into the person you should become. Here are my tips and tricks for setting goals, along with my goals for this month. Save what speaks to you, to your camera roll!

How to make proper goals:
A couple weeks ago I went through and decluttered my room and I found an old “goal journal” I had made when I was in 7th grade. I was thoroughly amused at the things I wanted to accomplish: Learn to surf (I live in the desert), save 5000 dollars (I had no job), climb Mount Everest (I hated the outdoors at the time… now I love it), and lose 30 pounds (what the heck hahaha). It got me thinking about what my goals are now. I consistently make goals, whether they be weekly, monthly, or yearly and then I try my best to achieve them. However, the difference between my 7th-grade self and my current self is that the goals I make now are 1. Achievable and 2. apply to me and better my life in very specific ways.

When I set goals I almost ALWAYS work backward to make sure this goal is something I really want to put my time towards before taking it through the SMART questions ( be patient, I’ll explain later).

The first thing I like to do is start backward.

What do you really want?

What do you need to do to get there?

What can you do in the meantime?

Start broad and then narrow it down to specific measurements

For example:
   Long term goal: lose weight and look good in a bathing suit.
There’s a quote that says “summer bodies are made in winter” it is so true. So, you now know your end goal. What do you have to look like six months from now to get there? What do you have to do monthly? In order to get achieve your monthly mini goal, what should you be doing daily and weekly?

In the case of losing weight, you could say “In six months, I want to have half the weight off, which means every month I should be losing x# of pounds. In order to achieve that, every week I should be losing a certain amount of pounds, which means I should be working out daily and eating healthy in order to lose that weight.”
DO you see what I mean? Work backward. Make the big goal into smaller goals and achieve those. Breaking it down can show you what you have to be doing in order to achieve that big goal.

Another thing I use in order to make sure if my goals are relevant and something I should put my time towards is a process called smart goals.

Think of your goal in three… two… one…
Now look and answer the questions to see if your goal is a SMART goal:
What do you want to accomplish?
Why is this goal important?
Who is involved?
Where is it located?
Which recourses or limits are involved?

How much?
How many?
How will I know when it is accomplished?

How can I accomplish this goal?
How realistic is the goal, based on other constraints, such as financial factors?

Does this seem worthwhile?
Is this the right time?
Does this match other efforts/needs?
Am I the right person to reach this goal?
Is It applicable to the current environment?

What can I do six months from now?
What Can I do 6 weeks from now?
What can I do today?

Goal setting can be so fun. However, working on accomplishing the goal sometimes isn’t. Here is a list of things to think about when considering the success of your goals. If you feel like it isn’t working, maybe its not your goal, but your attitude towards it.

Key factors for successful goal achievement:
Ability- Identify what you can do, Recognize what you could do                                         Learn and apply new skills and knowledge, update and rethink your goals                  Motivation: Acknowledge what you need to do, Plan what you will do
Take risks: seek opportunities
Stretch yourself, give 100% and be creative
Replenish: take breaks, emotionally and physically
Take action: be proactive, be flexible and be consistent
Review and evaluate
Work smart
Build a network and support system
Write the goals down somewhere close where you can see them every day
Attitude: accept mistakes, decide how well you will do, celebrate what you do do

This blog is my goal support system. Every month I’m going to write down my goals and then address what I did and didn’t do well in my next months goal post.

August goals:
LONG TERM GOAL: Always continue to learn and use my brain even in old again
AUGUST GOAL —-Learn 5 new things
LONG TERM GOAL: become an amazing holistic nutritional chef and help people
AUGUST GOAL ——- Cook 3 new breakfast recipes
LONG TERM GOAL: have more gratitude and compassion for those around me
AUGUST GOAL——-Help someone in need
LONG TERM GOAL: save over $10,000 by the time I am 20 and be able to pay for Italy next year
AUGUST GOAL: ————-Save a portion of my paycheck and don’t touch it. Add 500 to savings
LONG TERM GOAL: compete and win in a bikini competition in December
AUGUST GOAL: ———– Daily workout routine and meal prep


Until then, enjoy my gym selfie while I CRUSH my goals.

xoxo RAY

august goals.JPG


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