I feel like this post is so self-explanatory. If you feel in a bind and want to switch up your current cardio routine, I got you boo. Below are my favorites… pick and choose, save the ones you would like to try to your camera roll. (Its easier with a workout partner btw).


    For 10 minutes: 30 seconds just arms sprint
    30 seconds legs and arms sprint
    (this burns so bad, get an interval app so you don’t have to keep clicking the timer on and off. Just keep going. don’t stop.)

2. 5 rounds for time:
-10 pushups (try to keep tour thumbs by your collar bone or your nipples, and your             elbows close to your torso. This helps you use and work the front of your chest                   and triceps.)
– 10 bench dips (legs straight)

3. For time:
5 burpees; 5 pushups (arms by side^^^)
10 burpees; 10 pushups
15 burpees;15 pushups
10 burpees;10 pushups
5 burpees;5 pushups

  1. Sled push (weight, on a scale of how heavy it is, should be like a 5-7. Enough to sprint and keep moving) GO down and back 4 times. with less than 30 seconds between sets. You can change the length but you should be able to dead sprint.
  2. In the swimming pool tread water for 10 minutes. Ahahahahaha. When I did this a minute went by and I thought I was drowning. On arm days I like to keep my legs still and sit in a chair-like position and tread water with just my arms or swim in a chair position.
  3. Tabata: 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off for 8 rounds of any movement. I like burpees, jumping squat, high knees, and jumping lunges. This can also work with sit-ups or any ab movement. It burns for a bit and then it gets better! Super fun!



  1. Go to spin class. Lol. Nah fam it’s not like a cruise by a beach, it’s like trying to ride up a volcano that is moving and throwing trees at you while you are on fire. Yeah uhhhuh. Yummy.
  2. Run 1-2 miles but every minute do walking lunges for 30 seconds. Death.
  3. Run for 20 minutes.. during this, for 1:30 run at a faster pace and for 30 seconds run at a slower pace. (sometimes I do 1:00 minute fast and 1:00 slow) you can switch it up depending on how you feel
  4. Sprints. Sprints and more sprints.

10 second sprint
40 rest
20 second sprint
30 rest
30 second sprint
20 second rest
40 second sprint
10 second rest
Hell. Your welcome.

5.I like Zumba and yoga as well.

6. STAIRS: 10 minutes. 30 seconds fast (12-20 level)
30 seconds slower (5-7 level) I do this one as a warm up but only for five minutes                and my throat burns so bad. Its disgusting.

The best part of cardio is making it up. I hate just running for like ever. I would never do it. Find some workouts that excite you. Fitness isn’t about doing things you hate, its about finding things that get your heart rate up and keep your body happy and excited. You got this.
(Reading this made me tired, im gunna take a nap lol. My brain cardio.)

Xoxo Ray;)


saved to camera roll body picture for cardio workouts.JPG


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