You know that one kid in class that opens his backpack and like homework assignments, pencils, pens, tests, ancient scribes, his pet dog,and hair balls just come falling out all at once? Yeah, we all know that kid. Unfortunately, my elementary school and high school years… I W A S that kid. Listen, people change okay? I’ve been to the dark side, and even though they have hidden treasures and hidden cookie crumbs, it isn’t productive or reasonable. So, I came up with a system. I know, I know, ANOTHER system, but listen, this one works for me and can help with any age!!



1. Clean up five minutes before school and five minutes before bed. Starting the day with a clean room and a made bed can help you feel organized and ready for the day. It gets your morning started on a productive, FOCUSED note. It also feels amazing to come home to a clean room and clean workspace. My grandma (and my whole family) always used to say, “cluttered room= a cluttered mind”. Its true. Five minutes before school, clean up anything you used to help you get ready for the day. Five minutes before bed, set a timer and clean up the things you played with or used at the end of the day. If there is nothing, clean the toys or pick out your outfit for the next day. Get your mind settled down and into a clean and relaxed mood. This can help you become more relaxed and clear-minded, which in turn can help you fall into a deeper sleep. TRUST ME.

2. Create a morning and nightly routine. Morning workout, nightly shower? Create a healthy sleep schedule as well.

My morning routine:
Wake up
Stretch in bed/ do yoga
Check email, schedule for the day, make a to do list, and answer any missed messages
Make breakfast and slowly eat it
Get ready for the day
Meal prep
Five minute clean up.

My nightly routine:
Finish meals and eat slowly
Shower and hair treatment
Relationship time (talking with boyfriend or movie with family)
Write blog post
5 minute clean up
Meditate and put on essential oils
Set alarms and go to sleep.

Even though mine is very specific, I always try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. It helps me have energy and stay awake for the entirety of the busy day.



Everyone from 7th Grade and above needs a three-ring binder. I was AVID President in junior high, and it taught me about the importance of three ring binders. It has saved my junior high, high school, and college career. Get one. They can sometimes be a little hard to organize, so here is what I suggest:

How to organize your three-ring binder:


  • 2 ½ or 3 inch ring binder ( )
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 7-8 tabs
  • pencil pouch with three hole punch (usually for younger kids)
  • sticky notes
  • 2 pens (one blue/red and one black)
  • 3 #2 pencils (y’all already know I hate pencils… but this is the basic of the basic.. you can add more from here)
  • 3 different colored highlighters.

1. When you open the binder cover, it should go in this order: pencil pouch, loose leaf paper,  and then the subject tabs.

2. Put the pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, etc. in the pencil pouch.

3. The first tab should be labeled H O M E W O R K. Here, you put all your homework and projects assigned from the day in that section. That way, you never miss an assignment. After everything is finished, put it back in the homework section, so when you get to school, every assignment due is already in the same place.

4. Following the homework tab, have 6-7 tabs for each subject siting behind it.Give each tab a subject (the order doesn’t matter, but I always put math last so I could pretend it wasn’t there lol. It didn’t really work.) In here goes handouts, notes, and any handed back assignments. DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY UNTIL THE END OF THE SEMESTER  OR YEAR. Keep the things that are helpful, just like grammar worksheets or other papers that could be applied in future classes, and place them in the back.
You can also keep your spiral notebooks within the subject tab. It keeps you organized.

**STICKY NOTES: when something is important, place a sticky note on that worksheet or paper,so you see it when you take out your binder.
At the end of everyday, hole punch the papers that were handed to you that were not already hole punched, and organize your binder.



1.When you sit down to do your homework, look at your agenda and see what the hardest thing on your list is…mine was always math. DO THAT THING FIRST. I know you want to do the easy thing first, but by doing the hard thing, you will have more patience because you JUST started your homework.
2. Put your phone somewhere else and put on some Kenny G. If it’s a long assignment, set a timer and when the time goes off… have a little break. My favorites are pushups or dance parties. This gets rid of bottled up energy, and helps cope with stress.. making it easier to focus.
3. After, make sure your BACKPACK IS READY BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP. This can be part of a nightly routine. It saves time in the morning,  and it is so much easier to stay organized, as opposed to throwing things in your backpack at the last second…
You got this. A little bit here and there goes a long way. You got this. If you’re a mom reading.. save this to you and your kids camera roll. It helps.

Xoxo RAY 🙂
I N S T A G R A M: @raylee1299


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